Teaching 2018

An Incredible Time?

Adolescence is an incredible time for a child.  It is the last step before adulthood, starting at about age 12 and lasting for 5 to 10 or more years.  As childhood ends these preteens see physical changes start to happen, then social changes happen, then emotional changes happen. Often elementary friends change in middle school and then […]

Salute to Democracy or a Big Con Job

Every twenty years New York State voters are asked a peculiar question.  They are asked to vote on whether or not they want to hold a Constitutional Convention, or Con-Con.  Almost everyone I asked did not know what it was or how they should vote on it.  Those that had heard of it still didn’t […]

Spring is in The Air

The rain is falling, the grass is growing, flowers are on the fruit trees, and teachers are starting their final units of the year.  Spring is in the air!  Schools are preparing for spring sports, spring concerts, spring dances, and everything else that needs to be done before the school year ends.   In the […]

The Challenge of Who and How to Teach

Most students will do what they are told to do and will perform well if they are well prepared. There are some students; however, who will fall through the cracks of education because they do not see the purpose of what is being taught. For one reason or another these students are the challenge, they […]

Joining the Conversation

  About two years ago I started writing about different topics in education.  A few people, mostly friends and family, supported me by joining the blog and encouraging me to continue writing.  Then colleagues, other educators and teachers started reading my posts, joining the conversations and giving me support and feedback to continue posting.  Now, […]

Trying Something New

I’ve been having a few conversations with teachers, parents and community members lately about equity in job expectations for teaching staff and administrators.  It appears that I’m not the only one who has noticed that teachers are held to a very high standard while administration is given a lot of leeway and acceptance for problems […]

Surviving the Night

In early October my classes started reading Night, by Elie Wiesel. It is the story of a teenage boy who lives through, and survives, the Holocaust. The vocabulary was very difficult for the students but they were so invested in the story that they persevered. They had so many questions and were engrossed in discussions […]

The Victims of Charter School Scandals

We got a few new students this year from the charter schools.  We get new students every year, but some of these children stand out.  We have a transfer student who was 15 years old in the sixth grade, half a dozen students who transferred with academic abilities at least 3 years below grade level, and […]

Become Part of the Solution

During the spring of 1990 I was arguing with some friends about the problems in education.  We talked about kids falling behind, teachers not doing their jobs and families struggling to get ahead.   It was a great conversation by a group of people who had no idea what they were talking about.  After a long pause someone said, […]

21st Century Assessments

As the 2015 -16 school year is ending I look back at how education is evolving. Computers, technology, internet, Smartboards and cell-phones have become essential tools in modern education, however; they are not the only things that modern teachers are evolving with. We now have 21st Century Education with project based, or authentic learning, being […]